Latest news – check out the elephant epic event happening june 26th – September 28th

This is were you can find creative ways to participate in aid of the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia.

Our Mission

To create awareness and preserve endangered species and their environment.

To solicit donations or support fundraising events for the purchase of equipment, education and training and functioning of recognized charities and organizations abroad engaged in related conservation efforts.          

get to Know the Men and Women You’re Supporting

We’re enthusiastically working on ways to use technology to connect you to the men and women of different nationalities working in the field under our Story Safari program.

These are stories of lives well lived. Stories of life outside of the comfort zone, where there’s always the risk of failure and the battle of ideas under pressure of time and rejection.  But that’s why stories grab our attention and prompt us to reflect on our own values and give us the courage we we may be seeking.


Our Partners*

Hopefully a positive outcome of the coronavirus is that more people will realize we inhabit the same planet. That’s why we’ve chosen to work so closely with partners across the ocean.

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*These “partnerships” are not in any sense legal entities.