Who we ARE

We are a US 501(c)(3) charity registered in Michigan in 1918.  You will see from our About ESF page that we are all volunteers living mostly in different states.

With limited overheads and no payroll we able to allocate by grants a high percentage of income.  Our financial statements submitted to the IRS are available to see at Guidstar.  See the “About ESF” Tab for more detailed information.


 what we do

Our mission is to create awareness and preserve endangered species and their environment.

We promote to our North American audience, projects and programs of overseas organizations that relate to our mission.

By donating to ESF, US tax payers can take advantage of a deduction for contributing through our grant system in support of this work.

We always take into account any expressed wishes you make as to how you would like you donation allocated.

Organizations We Support.

Here are some of the organizations our North American supporters contribute to in order to advance their work.


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