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May 24th – July 23rd.


To set a goal to do something, maybe like losing weight, or doing something physical alone or with a group, can move us outside our comfort zone and into a new more powerful space.  Here’s that opportunity to link it to a great cause along and to join many others around the world.

The Challenge: What can you do for 75 days or 75 times to raise urgently needed funds for the Elephant Orphanage Project in Zambia?

virtual challenge!!

Get creative! Only your imagination can limit the ways in which to participate in this virtual event.

Show how Americans can to rise to this challenge in partnership with those rugged souls in Zambia doing the live event.

Click on the logo below now to get all the info and to join the virtual challenge:

or is this more your style?!

It’s just going to take the click of a mouse or finger on the donate button below.

But wait, there’s more – it’s tax deductible for US tax payers. Your donation will go to the Endangered Species Fund (you’re on our website now) and we’ll make your contribution part of our grant to support the Elephant Epic Event.

$35 buys specialized milk for a baby elephant for one week.

$50 will purchase a pair of metal toed boots, essential around elephants!

$125 will buy a 2 way radio essential for field based communications.

$250 will buy a GPS unit for mapping released elephants in the wild.

$500 will remotely monitor released orphans and wild elephants with a camera trap.

To donate click here

Select “I would like to donate to a specific fund”

then select Game Rangers from the drop down menu.

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