Join US Locally In Michigan

Unfortunately the coronavirus has forced us to discontinue local events. But no doubt we’ll get busy doing things again in the future.

Building Endangered Species Fund as an organization locally is one of our objectives.  As we grow, we hope that you may find a way to participate with us.  We are currently an all volunteer group with very little overhead but with an international reach.

get involved internationally

For historical reasons we work closely with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation in the UK and Game Rangers International in Zambia.  We have focused extensively on using the internet before everyone else became Zoom experts!

Through our current “Story Safari” program there’s really an opportunity to get to know people working in thes organizations and for you to feel part of this effort in a personal way,

have THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF your life - volunteer in africa!

Have you ever thought of volunteering in Africa? Game Rangers International in Zambia is one of the important organizations we support.
They have a wide range of opporunties so find out more here.