In this series of Video Casts we go beyond the story of wildlife conservation. It’s the human story. Stories of men and women doing this incredible work who inspire us with their drive and by living their passion.
But where does this drive come from? -that’s one of the stories behind the story we’ll seek to uncover.
Living a passion takes people out of their comfort zone and doesn’t come free of fear and doubt. They acknowledge you for the fuel your support provides. It’s a relationship this series seeks to enrich.
“Safar” is Arabic for “journey.” Our story journey will include men and women from different cultures and skills. There will be twists and turns along the way – and that’s what life and stories are all about! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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coming saturday august 1st – live from the heart of africa – your chance to meet neddy mulimo

Together, We Can Do Great Things

Does your day include confronting armed poachers or surviving an attack from a wounded buffalo? No, we keep a can of bug spray handy and go on our way.
So meet the world of Neddy Mulimo.
That’s a fun contrasts to make. But it’s admiration for what he’s achieved in 37 years as a ranger that inspires us to want to know more. But “Story Safari” goes beyond his resume to talk about his life in Zambia. -What he overcame to reach this point in his life – his dream as a kid, his mentors and other life changing events.
His story may allow us to step further over that cultural bridge and into his world. Even if only for that reason, we hope you’ll find the experience of meeting Neddy to be enriching in your life too.

Story Safari Times

Saturday August 1st.

USA   2:30 pm EST

UK    7:30 pm BST

Zambia 8:30 pm CAT


Below are the recordings of episode 0ne

Jeni Jack’s Story was presented LIVE on July 20th 2020 to an audience from the USA,UK and Zambia. This was a pilot episode that went so well that we’re now getting ready to launch series of LIVE events featuring people working for Game Rangers International in Zambia. SO WATCH THIS SPACE.