In this series of Video Casts we go beyond the story of wildlife conservation. It’s the human story. Stories of men and women doing this incredible work who inspire us with their drive and by living their passion.
But where does this drive come from? -that’s one of the stories behind the story we’ll seek to uncover.
Living a passion takes people out of their comfort zone and doesn’t come free of fear and doubt. They acknowledge you for the fuel your support provides. It’s a relationship this series seeks to enrich.
“Safar” is Arabic for “journey.” Our story journey will include men and women from different cultures and skills. There will be twists and turns along the way – and that’s what life and stories are all about! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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Below are the recordings of past episodes.


Episode 1

Jeni Jack’s Story was presented LIVE on July 20th 2020 to an audience from the USA,UK and Zambia. This was a pilot episode that went so well that we’re now getting ready to launch series of LIVE events featuring people working for Game Rangers International in Zambia. SO WATCH THIS SPACE.

episode 2

Game Ranger Neddy Mulimo was interviewed by Sport Beattie CEO of Game Rangers International in Zambia LIVE on August 1 st. 2020.  If you watched the first episode with Jeni Jack, it’s just amazing to see these two people from totally different cultures working together towards the same challenge on behalf of us all.


story safari update 2021


We learnt so much making these these first episodes!. Working across so many time zones proved to be difficult and inconvenient for many.  We also found these stories are too rich and fascinating to cover in just 30 minutes!

As we begin 2021 we are thinking that podcasts, with the convenience they offer may be the way forward.  It should also be easier reach people in the field without the problem of cameras and live video links.

So for the moment please be patient. Be sure to join the mailing list on the home page to keep up-to date. 


John Chisholm



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